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Face Reading Articles

Face Value​
by Rick Waters '95
The TCU Magazine, Summer 2011

Face Reading for Sales
by Mac Fulfer
Summer 2010

Face It...Best Interview Tips Ever

by Mac Fulfer
Summer 2010

Amazing Face Reading
by Mac Fulfer
Strategy Magazine, Fall 2007

Nonverbal Communication: How to Read What's Plain as the Nose...or Eyelid...or Chin...on Their Faces
by Mac Fulfer
Journal of Organizational Excellence, Spring 2001

Amazing Face Reading - A Mysterious Universal Language
by Mac Fulfer

The MHEDA Journal, Spring 2003

Face Reading May Change Your Life
by Mac Fulfer
January 2000

Using Face Reading to Understand the Characters in Your Dreams
by Mac Fulfer
Spring 2008

Face Reading Applications for Jury Selection
by Mac Fulfer
Amazing Face Reading - A Communications Breakthrough, 2001

It's Written All Over Your Face
by Mac Fulfer
Handout to the ALA - New York City, Sep/Oct 2009

Your Face is an Open Book
PCMA Convene Magazine, March 2007

Spotting Deception
by Mac Fulfer
July 2003

Mac Fulfer, a Local Luminary
by Elaine C. Cole
Living with Panache (an Advertising Supplement of the Fort Worth Star Telegram), November 2003

Reading the Jury One Face At A Time
by Mac Fulfer
Law, Trends in Jury Selection Summer 2004

Hiring the Right Person for the Right Job
by Ann Marks
February, 2010

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