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Amazing Face Reading Flash Cards

Each deck comes packaged in a durable, clear, plastic case. 

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Inside the United States
The $8.40 charge will cover shipping and handling in the United States for:
2 books or
3 boxes of flash cards or
1 book and 3 boxes of flash cards.


Larger orders will be invoiced for
additional postage.
Payment is required before shipping.

Outside the United States
If the shipping charge exceeds $15.00,
you will be invoiced for the additional cost.
Payment is required before shipping.





Deck #1 - Dimples, Clefts & Lines;  Forehead, Nose & Nostrils
Deck #2 - Ears, Cheeks & Chins; Mouth & Jaws
Deck #3 - Eyebrows, Eyes & Eyelids; Combinations

These flash cards are designed to give you a quick read of anyones face. Each card has an arrow that indicates the feature that is being pictured. The name of the feature is included on the front of the card. If you determine the person has that feature then the back side of the card gives you a brief meaning of the feature.

Some of the features require you to keep in mind which side of the face it appears on. Always divide the face right down the middle. What shows up on the right side of everyones face is about their external life, how they take themselves out into the world. What shows up on everyones left side is about their personal life and childhood. Features where this is most important are marked with a parenthesis and this reminder.

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