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Amazing Face Reading

An Illustrated Encyclopedia for Reading Faces

by Mac Fulfer, J.D.An Illustrated 

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Understand every person you meet.  Face Reading is a means to a deeper communication with every person you meet.  Fulfer takes this art/science out of the realm of the mysterious and into a hands-on method of learning. The most comprehensive, easy-to-use book of Face Reading available today, Amazing Face Reading is organized in an encyclopedic format and superbly illustrated. It takes you through faces, top to bottom, detail to gestalt, gesture to metaphoric meaning. This how-to guide is so easy to use that you can begin to read faces before you finish the book!

The Power of Face Reading


A simple illustrated guide to understanding our universal language

by Mac Fulfer, J.D.

The Power of Face Reading is Author Mac Fulfer’s up-to-date and international version of his original bestselling book, Amazing Face Reading.


This most comprehensive and easy-to-read book on face reading includes:

  • A how-to for “Reading Personality Profiles” so that you can identify if someone is a talker, a hard-worker, sensitive, a thinker, a provider, logical, etc.

  • Mac’s step-by-step guide to the “Flow of Face Reading”

  • Mac’s answer to the question “Is There any Scientific Basis to Support Face Reading?” including thought-provoking concepts such as mirror neurons, genetic programming, and epigenetic altercations

  • New sample face readings by Mac, sharing insights on two intriguing historical figures: Napoleon Bonaparte and Genghis Khan

  • An updated checklist to use as a reference during face reading

  • A fun quiz to test your face reading ability


Go on a fascinating face-reading journey with this visual encyclopedia of different facial features so that you can make better connections anywhere, with anyone.


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Updated International Edition!

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