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Shipping Charges:


Inside the United States
The $8.40 charge will cover shipping and handling in the United States for:
2 books or
3 boxes of flash cards or
1 book and 3 boxes of flash cards.


Larger orders will be invoiced for
additional postage.
Payment is required before shipping.

Outside the United States
If the shipping charge exceeds $15.00,
you will be invoiced for the additional cost.
Payment is required before shipping.

Amazing Face Reading Flash Cards

Each deck comes packaged in a durable, clear, plastic case. 

Buy Book  and Flash Cards

together and SAVE!

      Flash Cards




     All 3 Decks


Set of

3 Decks





There are 54 cards in each deck and the exact size of each card is 2 7/8” X 4 ¼”. The clear, plastic case makes them easy to carry with you and they are extremely easy to use. Each deck has 50 different facial feature cards. With all 3 sets, a total of 150 different features, you will have an accurate and immediate personality profile of any person you meet. Using these cards will give you the ability to instantly spot another person’s preferences, attitudes and warning signs so that you gain a significant advantage in every face to face interaction.

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